“The name ‘Trump’ is a shameful embarrassment” says Hollywood actor Daniel Thomas Trump

An actor whose last name is also Trump is pleading with a judge for a change of name as the name is poison to him and hurting his career.

Daniel Thomas Trump is a 32-year-old L.A. actor/filmmaker, who has no relation whatsoever to President Donald Trump. However, the actor has filed a legal document requesting for a name change because “The name ‘Trump’ is a shameful embarrassment.”

Daniel says he got the surname from his biological father who has never been in his life but, judging from the docs, the real reason for the name change petition is the President. Daniel says, “It’s the name of a president who is the living representation of everything I stand against.”

Daniel’s been going by the name Daniel Van Thomas for 8 years, so it doesn’t really sound like he’s been burdened with the Trump moniker.

Nonetheless … he wants to make it official.


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