Telemundo premieres ‘The Queen of Miami’ Monday 11th, December 

Telemundo’s brand new telenova premieres this December and promises to hold you spellbound as usual. It boasts of a gripping storyline well brought to life by a hugely talented cast.

A woman with a dark past will rise in Miami’s underworld, to take the seat at the throne of an empire in the magic city. The Queen of Miami will fight for survival and supremacy in a man’s world, from Monday 11 December at 22:00 CAT, exclusive to Telemundo (DStv Channel 118).

This action-packed telenovela will take viewers behind the tropical paradise facade of the late 1970s and early 1980s Miami, to reveal the dark underbelly of the drug trade it was built on. At the helm of the empire is Anastasia Cardona, played by the talented and beautiful Kate Del Castillo (The Queen of the South) who starts out as a pawn in this violent but seductive world, unwittingly dragged into it by her husband’s ambition. But when betrayal turns her heart cold, she emerges a queen… the queen of an empire built on drug trade.

Traumatised by a hard upbringing, and now driven by revenge, Anastasia takes over her husband’s business following his death. As profits pile up, so do the bodies and Anastasia soon learns that drug-pedalling is like chess. Everyone is a piece on the board. Everyone is expendable and everyone wants to eliminate the best player – The Queen.

Kate Del Castillo portrays this complex and captivating lead role and is joined by a star-studded cast with names avid telenovela fans are sure to recognise. The Oscar nominated and ever-so-enchanting Adriana Barraza assumes the role of Anastasia’s mother, Irene Medrano.

The real attraction is the fireworks sparked by the love triangle between Anastasia and Renato Maldonado (played by Tony Dalton) and Conrado San Miguel (played by Jorge Zabaleta). Who will she choose? Can she have either if she continues to let her thirst for power possess her? Can love really conquer all in the face of impossible odds?

Find out on The Queen of Miami, premiering on Monday 11 December at 22:00 CAT on Telemundo (DStv Channel 118).

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