So cute!..4-Year-Old Best Friends Insist They’re Twins Because They “Have the Same Birthday”

Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland are possibly the cutest best friends on the internet right now. The 4-year-old girls from Miami met at school, and when they found out they had similar birthdays, they even had a joint party together.

Jia, born on June 3, and Zuri, born on June 5, decided to wear matching outfits that day – as besties do, of course – and now they’ve taken their friendship to the next level by telling everyone they’re twins.

“They have the same vibrant energy, intelligence, heart to take care of others and both are extremely vocal about their needs,” said mom Ashley Sarnicola”. “They love to dance and sing.”

But when a group of girls allegedly told them that they were “no way” related, Jia decided to clap back. “You don’t know anything,” she reportedly said. “We are twins because we have the same birthday!” The incident made her cry, but Jia is sticking by her twin. The besties later told Zuri’s older sister Victoria Williams that “we have the same birthday and we share the same soul.”


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  1. Abimbola says:

    Happy Birthday to the lovely Angels, wish to see my birthday mate too.


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