Shocker! Drug dealer jumps into police car he thinks is taxi

A drug dealer got himself arrested after he got into a police car he thought was a taxi.

The Officers couldn’t believe their luck when the man jumped into their vehicle in Copenhagen, Denmark. They had been minding their own business when the criminal, who had 1,000 cannabis plants on him, opened their door in the Christiania area. They proceeded to arrest the drug dealer and he now faces up to eight years in prison.

The Copenhagen Police Twitter account wrote ‘Last night (Wednesday) a cannabis dealer from Christiania who wanted to get home quickly got into a taxi, he received a big surprise when he realised it was actually a police car he was sitting in.’

The police car was in the area because there’s currently a crackdown on drugs. Police Chief Jesper Bangsgaard added the man had been caught bang to rights and could not really make an excuse, according to Jyllands Posten.


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