Robert Clarke (SAN) says “I SEE NO ELECTION IN 2019”

Robert Clarke (SAN) is a legal luminary of over 45 years at the bar. He has been counsel to several Heads of State and top politicians in Nigeria right from his early days as a lawyer. The octogenarian, who takes delight in talking about the state of the nation and politics in general in his chambers in Moloney, Lagos State, recently spoke with Sunday Sun about President Muhammadu Buhari’s rumoured re-election bid and other political issues ahead the 2019 general elections.

Asked what he forsees in 2019, Robert Clarke says “I am not a seer. I don’t have divine powers and I don’t want to have divine powers because I’m a human being. But looking at my own crystal balls, I doubt that the 2019 election can hold in this country under these circumstances that we are going, except the political parties sit down together and restructure this country.”

“Going into election in 2019 under the 1999 Constitution portends danger to democracy. We have all said it, and it is still going to play, that our system of choosing candidates within the political party is the most corrupt system in the whole world, where a candidate that tries to vie for the position of a governor has to spend well over N5 billion just to get the nomination of his party. We shouldn’t allow such. So, we have to restructure and restructuring is to jettison the 1999 Constitution; it creates problem that bother on corruption and leads to people who want to get into governance to steal money to recoup what they spent while contesting.”

Read full interview here.

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