Rapper Lil Peep, 21, dies of ‘drug overdose’ hours after posting eerie final message… as former lover Bella Thorne leads heartfelt tributes

Lil Peep, real name Gustav Åhr, a promising 21-year-old rapper, died from a reported drug overdose on Wednesday evening.

In an eerie twist, just hours before his death he shared an image on-stage with a caption reading: ‘When I die you’ll love me’ while also posting a shot in which he seemed to have placed two pills on his tongue.

The New York-born artist’s former lover Bella Thorne appeared heartbroken as she posted an Instagram story in which she mourned his sudden demise. In a short series of videos, Bella said: ‘To anybody out there who is a Lil Peep fan you guys know how talented he was. How good he was. Well, he was even more f**king great as a person.’

His manager, Chase Ortega, on the other hand wrote: ‘I’ve been expecting this call for a year. Mother f***’.

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