Police round up beggars in India ahead of Ivanka Trump’s arrival

Police in India are rounding up beggars in anticipation of senior presidential advisor Ivanka Trump’s visit at the end of November.

They are clearing the streets in Hyderabad in the south of India after the city’s police commissioner gave the order earlier this week. It will last for two months, the director general of prisons in Hyderabad, V.K. Singh said, CNN reported.

The order comes in advance of Trump’s plans to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the city—an Indian tech hub—at the end of November.

Authorities say the timing is just coincidental and that the order is unrelated to the President’s daughter’s visit to the city.

“It’s a permanent drive,” Singh told CNN. “The government, since 30 years, have been trying to figure our what to do about them,” he said.

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