‘OurMumuDonDo’ – Coalition of civil society groups led by Charly Boy takes protest to Libyan embassy in Abuja

A coalition of civil society groups named as ‘OurMumuDonDo,’ led by Charly Boy, occupied the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Libya, in Abuja, to demand an end to ignoble acts on Africans, particularly, Nigerians being trafficked through the country.

The group, ‘OurMumuDonDo,’ comprises Concerned Nigerians; the Foundation for True Freedom and Good Leadership; Public Lawyers League and the Campaign for Democracy.

The coalition’s protest was necessitated by reports that some Nigerians were allegedly sold off for $400 in Libya.

There has been no reported official reaction from the embassy yet.

A member of the group told pressmen that the embassy was duly informed about the planned demonstration, but chose to stay away.

The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had condemned the act of auctioning migrants and that it would continue to investigate the media reports for appropriate action.

The protest, which started at 9:44am, yesterday, saw scores of policemen at the embassy to forestall breakdown of law and order and ensure that the protest went on peacefully.

The coalition said it was not protesting against the Libyan government but was rather, standing in solidarity with the Libyan government, to put an end to the slave market and trafficking in the country.

Deji Adeyanju, the first to speak on behalf of the coalition, said they were told that fellow countrymen were being sold for less than $400, an amount of money he said, was less than the price of a phone.

“We are here because of the level of barbarism that is going on there. We are being told that fellow countrymen are being sold for less than $400.

“That is quite less than the price of an iPhone because an iPhone goes for as much as $1,000; maybe a BlackBerry phone. So, if our brothers and sisters can be sold for $400, then, what does that say about our humanity? Not just as a people, but as a continent, what does that say about us?” Adeyanju queried.

On his part, Charly Boy said he is very proud of the exceptional Nigerian youths who have been calling out government in all directions and who have been asking questions and trying to hold the leadership of the country accountable.

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