Nigeria ranks 95th World’s Happiest Country

Nigeria has been ranked number 95 in the UN annual World Happiness Report.

It is general believe that where a person lives can have a considerable impact on their personal well-being, and a recent study from the United Nations shows that not all places are created equal.

Since 2012, the annual World Happiness Report, a study commissioned by the UN, has surveyed over 150 countries to determine a “happiness score” for each, viewing happiness itself as a strong measure of social progress and ultimately a central goal of public policy efforts.

In the survey, respondents are required to rank their current happiness on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 indicates the worst possible life and 10 represents the best.

From this data, the UN seeks to explain the score for each country using data around GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption – as well as how that country compares to “Dystopia”, a hypothetical country representing the world’s lowest averages for each of the aforementioned factors.

Below is Nigeria’s score based on survey conducted and used to rank the country.

Happiness Score: 5.074
Explained by per capita GDP: 15.5%
Explained by Social Support: 24.0%
Explained by Healthy Life Expectancy: 1.1%
Explained by Freedom to Make Life Choices: 7.8%
Explained by Generosity: 4.6%
Explained by Perceptions of Corruption: 0.5%
Explained by Comparison to Dystopia: 46.6%

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