Manchester United defeats Arsenal by a 3 – 1 victory in a possible game of the season

The much anticipated clash between Arsenal and Manchester United today, Saturday, ended in 1 – 3 victory for Man. United.

There are few words capable of properly describing the 90 minutes of football played at the Emirates. There are few breaths available to utter them. And there are few teams that can leave viewers speechless while being so thoroughly outplayed like Manchester United can.

There is no one storyline to encapsulate United’s 3-1 victory over Arsenal. No one protagonist, no simple assessment that can be applied. In a way, the scoreline was predictable. So were United’s counters, and Arsenal’s mistakes. But the 90 minutes were anything but…..

It is difficult to look ahead after such an irresistible match. Recency bias aside, it is surely a contender for game of the season.

It’s difficult for Manchester United to be worried after such a massive win. The Red Devils were lethal in the three moments that mattered, and somewhat lucky in countless others. Arsenal was excellent, but mistake-prone.

Thus, the Red Devils will be the only ones who remember the fantastic 90 minutes fondly. They’ll remember them as their first away win against a top-six foe under Mourinho. They’ll remember them as the night that halted Arsenal’s resurgence. They brought United to within five points of Manchester City, even if only for 24 hours.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t believe that man u could beat Arsenal


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