Man who allegedly sold Lagos lagoon for N787 million accuses police of torture

Chartered surveyor and valuer, Mr. Emeka Okoronkwo alleged to have sold the Lagos Lagoon for N787 million has accused the police of torture.

Okoronkwo alleged that he was chained on his legs while in police cell at Alagbon Close and was rushed to police hospital, where doctors are battling to save his life.

The Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Monitoring Unit arrested and clamped him in detention on November 7, following a business transaction between him and one Mr. Kennedy Nwabuoku.
His kinsman, Mr. Stanley Okoronkwo, who claimed to be acting on behalf of the family, said Nwabuko approached his firm to buy 150 plots of land in Lagos.

“A land search was conducted by the law firms of both parties prior to its purchase to authenticate the documents. The C of O was found to be valid and the land unencumbered. The land in question is a Lagos State Government scheme and is covered by a Certificate of Occupancy. Mr. Nwabuoku was handed the Original Certificate of Occupancy, along with the Deed of Assignment and a Power of Attorney, duly vesting the land in his company, his designated beneficiary.

“The title document was150 plots. What he paid was for 100 plots and what was contained in his conveyance document was 150 plots. It was the understanding and was in writing that he would refund to Mr. Okoronkwo the balance of the 50 plots on receipt of all the title documents.

“Nwabuoku reneged on the promise of refunding Emeka for the 50 plots, and petitioned the police that he sold to him Lagos lagoon as land. It was at the point that the police came in and Emeka’s ordeal started”, Stanley Okoronkwo explained.

The family appealed to the IGP, Ibrahim Idris, to call his men to order over their interference in a civil case between their brother and Nwabuoku
According to them, the police officers from IGP Monitoring Team have shown glaring bias in the case by taking side against their brother, who is now lying ill at the hospital as a result of torture from investigating police officers.

According to Stanley, the names of the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, IGP and Mr. Femi Falana, (SAN) have been dropped as people interested in the case, just to legitimise the illegal and brutal treatment being meted out to their brother, even as the said buyer of the land, Kennedy Nwabuoku, was accused of threatening to deal with the Okoronkwos.

The family said it believed that prominent Nigerians mentioned in the case were “too decent to be involved in this unholy act.”
The family expressed surprise at the allegation of attempt to sell Lagos Lagoon levelled against their brother when available evidence and documents proved otherwise.

Reacting, Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood, said, the IGP could not order the torture of any suspect. He assured that the case would be investigated.

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