Kim Kardashian reveals her surrogate wasn’t aware she was carrying her baby…

She’s expecting her third child via surrogate.

But she didn’t even know she was carrying Kim Kardashian’s unborn child at the start.

‘She didn’t know at the beginning,’ Kim, 37, revealed during her appearance on the talk show The Real on Thursday.



Asked if it was even safe to tell the surrogate her identity, Kim said it was possible to go through the process anonymously.

But she said had fears the surrogate may not even be a fan of hers.

‘Well you can do it totally anonymously,’ Kim said

‘I wanted to give them that choice and be proud and on the same page and I wanted a relationship with her.’

Luckily Kim’s surrogate was delighted to learn whose child she was carrying, and was ‘proud’ to do so, knowing the complications she suffered from during her previous pregnancies.

‘She was really excited! She was someone that had watched the show, not like a super fan or anything that it would have been uncomfortable, but she had seen my struggle and seen how open I was about it. So she was really proud to do it, really excited,’ Kim said.

‘You could go that route, and I just felt like I wanted, whoever’s carrying my baby, like what if they weren’t a fan of me or my husband? And what if they didn’t want to be carrying our baby?’

Kim said she wanted to develop a relationship with the woman.

Although Kim recently threw herself a baby shower, and explained that she didn’t invite the surrogate because she is yet to figure out a way to explain to her kids.


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