“I will stop acting when I can no longer eat eba” says ‘Oga Bello’

Since he took on the role of ‘Oga Bello’ in ‘Comedy Half Hour’, the appellation has stuck to Adebayo Salami like a barnacle.

The name, many have argued, is perhaps more prominent than the birth name of the veteran thespian.

After over half a century of sustained relevance in the fickle world of make-believe, Salami would be roundly celebrated if he chooses to hang up his boots, but the actor insists that will only happen when he can no longer swallow a morsel of Nigerian staple, eba.

Salami’s success in the film industry has served as the catalyst and indirect launchpad for the careers of many of his subordinates and peers. That his children, Femi, Kemi and Tope Adebayo, are following in his footstep, is a source of fulfilment to the actor who says he made his name “before the existence of films”.

In an interview with  TheCable Lifestyle on an episode of The Legend Series, ‘Oga Bello’ talks about his early days as an actor, running away from home to pursue his acting dream, passing the mantle to his children and what lies ahead in the horizon for him.

Read full interview here.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oga bello ride on we are enjoying you and you will eat eba for long

  2. Abimbola says:

    Love to hear that sir, I’m proud to be a Yoruba woman I love eba too.


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