Heartwarming moment classmates bought a Ninendo games console for schoolboy after his own had been stolen

Shawn Hawkins posted a heartbreaking message on a white board at Antioch High School in California, US, explaining the console had been a gift from his grandmother.

After seeing the boy’s message, Piper Stowe and her friend Shawna Cantilano who were both his classmates decided to raise money for the new computer. They were able to raise more than $200 and decided to give the boy his gift in front of the class.

Piper later shared a video of the moment classmates gave Shawn the brand new Nintendo 3DS.

Shawn did not just use his computer to play but he is also studying to design console games.

The 15-year-old said: ‘I was very distraught and sad but when they gave me the computer I was stricken with happiness. It’s a Christmas miracle. I feel like it was a gift from God.’

Shawna was happy her fellow pupils came through for Shawn. She said: ‘There’s a lot of underlying kindness (at Antioch High) that’s not really brought to the surface. ‘It’s only like in unfortunate events like these you really see it.’



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