Emirates Takes Luxury Travel a Notch Higher! Check out their new first class cabins

Emirates unveiled the game changing, best in-class cabins, and the world went beserk. Fully enclosed private suite with zero gravity seats, light and temperature controlling and virtual windows. It has a the floor to ceiling door, HD touch display, Mercedes -Benz inspired leather interiors and gourmet dining, along with a mini bar.

Unveiling their new state of art inspired cabins at the Dubai Airshow, they changed the way travel has been defined yet. Their first class cabins would be equipped with virtual windows with HD projections of the outside world.

They partnered with Mercedes Benz and came up with interiors that combined first class luxury with travel. With leather seats and zero-gravity position, inspired by NASA, the recliners can be made into a fully-flat bed.

The customers will also have the option of dine on demand service, and they would be catered to by an international cabin crew. With this breakthrough technology, Emirates has taken luxury travel tp the next level.

Emirates claims to provide ample room for the passenger to change, even when the bed is made. No longer do you need to curse your travel for the cramped up leg space.

The privacy of the customer is top priority and they designed the cabin with sleek sliding doors, along with a whole new colour palette of soft greys, creams and champaign.

Now that’s some luxury! See more photos below.


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