Boyfriend got down on one knee to propose but never proposed and vanished the next minute

A Reddit user oftestroksy has described the New Year’s Eve as her worst ever after her boyfriend of six years got down on one knee to propose but bailed halfway through without asking her to marry him.

Relating how it happened she said “We had talked about getting married, and I always said I wanted a proposal in front of a few close friends/family members. He agreed, and thought the sentiment was nice.”

“Our anniversary is New Year’s Eve and a friend was hosting a party with a handful of our other mutual friends. I kind of knew what was coming up. He was jittery and nervous, acting super awkward the whole night.”

After dropping to one knee and not popping the question, the boyfriend in question fled the scene and hasn’t been heard from since.

“Right at 11:59, he gets down on one knee, but he didn’t say anything. He just stared at me, and kept opening and closing his mouth like he was trying to say something. I knew it was happening, and I was just so excited. I was crying, our friends were gasping.

“At midnight, the ball dropped on the TV, and we all heard the cheering, and my boyfriend shook his head and got up, and told me, ‘I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I just can’t do this.’ And he left.

“I’ve never felt more embarrassed in my life. That was supposed to be the happiest moment of our lives, shared with our friends. If he hadn’t wanted to propose, I wouldn’t care if he just didn’t. I wouldn’t care if he told me. I wouldn’t care. I want to spend my life with him, and if that meant not getting engaged and married, I wouldn’t care,” she continued.

“What I care about is him getting on one knee, watching me cry and look so excited, then tell me he ‘can’t do this.’ I feel like it’s almost my fault. I mean, did I ask for too much?”

Using the location tool on Snapchat, oftestroksy was able to pinpoint the location of her boyfriend. Only it wasn’t one she recognized.

“I didn’t recognize the intersection, so I sent it to a friend, who said they were sworn to secrecy by my BF. Nobody else knew. I’m feeling really paranoid. Is it an ex’s place? Just a buddy’s house? I don’t want to sound like a stalker, but I’ve been watching him on the map, just feeling endlessly betrayed by him” she said.

“He hasn’t called, hasn’t texted, hasn’t emailed, hasn’t even snail mailed. I miss him. I went into 2018 alone and confused and scared, and it’s just stayed that way ever since. I feel like he owes me at least half an apology. I’ve texted him, called him, done my part- and he always reads it (he has read receipts on) or declines the call. I’m so worn out. He’s trying to ghost me, it feels like.

“I don’t think I can do that with the man I’ve lived with for four years now, or the man that I’ve dedicated my life to for six years. What should I do?”

Trust internet for what it is, different reactions have emerged in response to her story.

Some sympathized with her having walked similar terrain themselves:

“Oh this kinda sounds like how my ex broke up with me. He was supposed to propose to me two summers ago, we had been talking about it for over a year. He was always kinda hesitant, but reassured me he wanted to be with me. But when the moment of truth came he couldn’t do it, and he realised all of his hesitation in getting engaged was deep down he knew I wasn’t the one. He explained this to me when he broke up with me via email.”

“Are…are you me? Long story short, my ex told me to pick out my engagement ring while I was at work one day… then that night after he got in a fight with the neighbour (ex was in the wrong), he packed up his s— and left. Sent me an email a couple of days later saying that we’re through…oh and he also stole my cats the night he left.”

Others wondered if there could be more to the story:

“I dunno about that, man. It could be he just couldn’t muster the courage. Which then led to a huge embarrassment in front of his closest friends and family. Which caused him to run and hide and now he can’t face any of them since running made everything worse. And since he’s run he doesn’t know how to come back and face the big mess this has become and has no clue how to make it better. That’s how anxiety works. The whole thing is a huge mess for everyone.”

“Is it possible that he just panicked and is now too embarrassed to face you? You would know better than we do. It doesn’t make his behaviour excusable but it’s a possible explanation.”

As for her ‘friend’, people had some strong sentiments:

“Sworn to secrecy my a–. You and your BF have been together for six years and he’s disappeared. It is very much your business. That friend needs to do the decent thing and tell you what the hell is going on.”

“Tell his friends and family to stop d—— around with this and drag him from there and talk some sense into him.”

Overall, the general consensus was that it’s time for her boyfriend to grow up:

“If he wants to break up (and it really sounds like he does) he can still be an adult about it.”

“I really don’t understand how someone can be in a loving relationship for six years and then not even have the decency to say what’s going on. I mean, for f—- sake.”

And then there was this one person – who we suspect might actually be Oprah – who said the realest advice we’ve ever heard:

“He just saved you a life time of unhappiness by giving all of it to you in a single moment. Pack up his stuff and tell him he has 24 hours to pick it up or it’s going to good will. Then, consider 2018 the year of YOU. Go on adventures, sleep around, try new hobbies, meet new people and love your life.”


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  1. Arike says:

    Awww, I really do feel for her but she needs to move on. He is not worth it afterall


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