18-year-old girl with ‘perfect life’ on Instagram commits suicide

A girl who seemed to have a ‘perfect’ life killed herself after months of trying to show everything was fine on social media. Zeynep Pattie, 18, had uploaded a selfie to Instagram just two days before she died, showing her hair swept back and captioned ‘Goldilocks’. Her family have spoken out to say things may not be what they seem, and to urge people to get help if they are suffering from depression.

‘Even the people you think are perfect are going through something difficult,’ they said. Zeynep, who studied at Chelmsford in Essex, was pronounced dead at the scene after she was hit by a train around 10.30am on November 21. Her family said they had no idea what she was going through.

On November 21 2017, our beloved Zeynep decided to end her life in front of a train in search for peace,’ they said. ‘Never in a million years would we think that this could happen to someone so perfect. ‘Zeynep Pattie’s online personality depicted the life of a thriving, beautiful and smart 18-year-old girl, filled with friends and a love for travelling,’ they said. ‘But behind the social media facade, we now understand that Zeynep was dealing with depression. ‘Young women are spending a significant amount of time each day absorbing others’ filtered images while they walk through their own realities, unfiltered.

‘She seemed acutely aware that the life she was curating online was distinctly different from the one she was actually living. ‘Yet, she could not apply that same logic when she looked at the projected lives of others. ‘Yes, people filter their photos to make them prettier and to hide imperfections, but we are also often encouraged to put filters on our sadness, to brighten reality and not to “drag down” those around us. ‘The myth still exists that happiness is a choice, which perpetuates the notion of depression as a weakness. All our stories are important. ‘This is a silent killer. If you are suffering with a mental illness, please speak out. You are not alone.


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