Woman found hanged in a hotel room after a night out with girlfriend

A lesbian couple’s break to celebrate getting back together ended in tragedy when one was found dead in their hotel room the next morning.

Angharad John(pictured right) had taken a trip to Swansea, Wales, to celebrate getting back together with her girlfriend, Rachel Phillips. The pair was said to have spent about three hours getting ready at The Grand Hotel before hitting the town together at around 4pm.


But an inquest into Ms John’s death gathered that the pair had ended up getting ‘very drunk’ white having the celebratory treat.

Rachel Phillips said she had no memory of the night until she returned to the hotel at around 6am the next morning, where she found her girlfriend had killed herself in their bathroom.

She told the court she was in a ‘complete panic’ and started shouting and banging on walls to try and get help from neighbouring rooms.

When there was no response, she ran downstairs to reception where members of staff helped her before paramedics arrived. Texts sent between the couple revealed they had been arguing throughout the night.

It was also gathered that Ms John, 33, was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in her 20s and had at one time been visited daily by a nurse. She had been ‘deeply affected’ by the death of her father at age 14 and also attempted suicide two years ago.

Her mother, Tina John, said her mental health had improved in the years since her diagnosis, however it seems her coping mechanism was alcohol.

‘She had drunk excessive alcohol with her partner Rachel and there seems to have been an argument.

Her cause of death was recorded as self-inflicted suspension.




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