The World’s First All-Girl Sextuplets. This Is What They Look Like Today

Most people are excited to find out they’re finally pregnant after having to go through countless doses of fertility treatments. So, imagine Janet Walton’s surprise when she found out she was carrying six babies!

Janet had gone through 13 rounds of fertility drugs when she found out she was pregnant. Excited to finally be carrying a baby, she got the surprise of her life when the doctor told her she wasn’t just carrying one baby – she was carrying six. That means the couple had beaten odds of 104 billion to 1!

After a critical cesarean section delivery, Janet and Graham Walton’s children made headlines as the first ever surviving set of all-girl sextuplets. The babies were delivered at just 31 weeks, but most of them were healthy. However, a couple of the girls had to spend their first few days in incubators, as their lungs had not yet fully developed.

The Waltons were able to take their babies home in early January 1984, which was about two months after the girls were born. They named their daughters Hannah, Lucy, Ruth, Kate, Jennie, and Sarah.

Most parents find themselves sleep deprived and exhausted after having just one baby. The Waltons now had six little babies to spend all of their time on. Janet explains, “For two years, Graham and I only slept for a couple of hours a night.” But the new parents were grateful to have their little girls home and in their arms.

The sextuplets as babies were enough to wear their parents out. Their dad explains that the girls went through about 11,000 diapers a year. But he admits that raising the six girls eventually became more of a mental strain.

As any father does, Graham worried constantly about his daughters. He admits the girls had plenty of fights and their house was filled with door slams and loud music. But despite all of the bickering, the Waltons’ girls were very close.

Janet explains that her life while raising the girls was pretty much a blur. She admits that she doesn’t actually know how she managed to raise all six girls to be the amazing adults they are today.

However, Janet also says that she has no regrets except one: that she didn’t have as much time to spend with each of the girls as she would have wanted. It’s safe to assume that any good mom would say the same thing.

The girls’ father shares a similar sentiment with his wife. While their life might have been hectic, loud, and crazy, Graham states, “I love the noise and the buzz of a big family. We would be totally lost without them.”

Today, the girls are about to turn 34 years old and they’re doing just fine. Hannah works as a school teacher, Lucy works for an airline, Ruth works in public relations, Kate is an administrator, Jennie owns a candy shop, and Sarah has become a mom.

Janet and Graham Walton had finally become grandparents in October 2014 when Sarah gave birth to her first child. Adding to the strong female presence of the family, Sarah gave birth to a little girl and named her Jorgie Louise.

Janet admits that spending time with her granddaughter makes her want to go back in time and raise her six little daughters all over again. Luckily, she can settle for being a wonderful grandmother.

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