Sales of erectile dysfunction drugs DOUBLE as men are preparing for a Happy Christmas


They may not have decided what to buy their loved ones for Christmas but it seems plenty of men are gearing up for a very happy festive period according to sales data for erectile dysfunction drugs.

Pharmacies have reported a spike in prescriptions for popular medication to sustain erections.

Reports suggest there has been an increase in demand by as much as up to 61 per cent, compared with a typical month.

According to figures released by Oxford Online Pharmacy, the last week of November and early December consistently shows the highest peaks for prescriptions in pills such as Viagra.

The store also claims it is  expecting sales of a new generic version of Cialis – that lasts up to eight times longer than Viagra and costs as little as £2 – to rocket.

Most major pharmacies – including Superdrug, LloydsPharmacy and Boots – are set to stock tadalafil this month after Cialis’ patent in the UK ran out last week.

Experts believe the rise in sales is two fold – many will be looking forward to more spontaneous sex but there will be others who will need help due to the stress of Christmas which can impact men physically.

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Oxford Online Pharmacy revealed it sells 657 prescriptions in an average month. Between November 20 and December in 2015 it sold 1,060 – a rise of 61 per cent.

Last year it was 933 – a rise of 41 per cent. Therefore, the firm plans for sales to roughly double around this period.

Owner Stuart Gale, said: ‘Christmas can be a pressure pot of financial worries and emotional stress and for men this can impact them physically, manifesting as a difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection.

‘Medication to treat this condition is limited on the NHS and this, combined with the removal of stigma around ED, and the emergence of legitimate online doctor and pharmacy services, has led to more and more men going online to access treatment.’

With Cialis costing £7.22 per tablet, Mr Gale is expecting the generic version it now sells from £2.49 a pill to prove popular.

‘Now that we are stocking tadalafil, we are particularly expecting demand for that to go through the roof,’ he said.

‘Because it has a longer lasting effect, it allows men to have more spontaneous sex without the interruption of having to take a pill and wait for it to work.

‘Many will feel this is ideal over the Christmas period, so they can relax with their loved one and enjoy some intimacy.

‘Although the medication lasts for up to 36 hours, it does not mean a man will have an erection throughout that time – it should only happen when he is sexually stimulated.’

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