London’s red buses now fired up by coffee fuel

As of yesterday, London buses began running on a special biofuel mix – partially made from old coffee grounds.

Yeah, those buses are being fired up by coffee, just like every other Londoner.

It’s part of a project dreamt up by British start-up company Bio-Bean, in financial partnership with Shell, which makes greener fuel composed of 80% ordinary diesel and 20% oil extracted from coffee waste. London buses are already partly fuelled by waste products such a cooking oil, but this is the first time coffee has been added to the mix.

And let’s face it, London is positively swimming in used coffee grounds so it just makes sense to use them for something beneficial.

So, how exactly does Bio-Bean work?

They collect grounds from bars and restaurants around London – including coffee giants Costa and Caffe Nero. They then extract the oil and mix that with diesel at a factory in Cambridge. In other words, companies can get rid of their waste for free and we get a powerful biofuel that can help London reduce its chronic CO2 level problem.

In fact, Bio-Bean claims that the use of coffee fuel by buses can reduce the carbon emissions from buses by as much as 15%, without having to alter engines.







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