Jim Carrey Finally Shaved His Beard And Now Looks 20 Years Younger


Back in the days of Bruce Almighty and The Mask, the world saw a clean-shaven funny man. Today, when people would look at Jim Carrey, they wouldn’t exactly see the actor; they would just fixate on his beloved, scruffy facial hair.

Fortunately, Carrey didn’t seem to have a problem with the adoration. His unique demeanor played well alongside his beard’s fame. Recent public interviews show the actor circling around the interviewers, flaunting his facial hair, and avoiding direct questions. No one seemed to mind too much; the world loves the unusual and entertaining, after all.

It’s also interesting that Jim Carrey didn’t seem to mind that his facial hair added at least a decade onto his appearance. The actor is only 55 years old, but his famous beard appeared to add about another 10 years to that age.

Take a look at this photo, for example. The man looks like a younger version of Santa Claus. He’s much more modern, but just as jovial.

I’m willing to bet that the average person (who didn’t previously know Jim Carrey’s age) would guess the man was at least in his 60s, based on that photo. Admittedly, the beard does add a bit more character to his face.

It’s hard to imagine that the funny man would be bothered by the age addition. That couldn’t have been the reason he decided to lose the scruff.

Jim Carrey explained to Jimmy Kimmel, “Everywhere I go, people talk about the beard… It’s a bigger star than me.” The words may have left Carrey’s mouth to give the audience some harmless, self-deprecating comedy, but they also seem to give us a bit of insight into why the actor decided to shave his beard.

If your facial hair gets more attention than your work, you’d probably be a bit upset. Jim Carrey has quite the repertoire of works under his belt. Between all of his acting experience, a few writing gigs, and the occasional production credit, the man has made quite a name for himself.

If everyone he meets chooses to comment on his facial hair rather than his career, it seems inevitable that Carrey would eventually feel compelled to finally clear his face. Regardless of the reason, that’s exactly what he did.

Jim Carrey decided to ditch the beard and walk the red carpet at the 74th Venice International Film Festival as a new man. Clean-shaven and smiling, Carrey seemed eager to show the world that there really was a man beneath the beard.

Without the beard, Jim Carrey still doesn’t look his age. He actually looks younger! The shave looks like it took about 20 years off of his appearance.

Admittedly, the actor probably has to endure a few more interviews about his beard. However, this time they’ll be focused on his lack of beard. It’ll be no surprise if Carrey is bombarded with questions about why, how, and when exactly he ditched the facial scruff.

Once the novelty wears off, people should go back to seeing the man as the amazing and hilarious actor that he is. The beard didn’t make the man, after all. The man makes the man.

Until then, the world has to decide what it likes better: the famous tangle of facial hair or the clean-shaven, younger-looking smile.

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