“It would cost a lot for me to shave my beard”- Woli Arole

No doubt, the fastest way to spot the self-acclaimed Instagram prophet, Woli Arole, is through his beard. In a chat with Saturday Beats, the humour merchant said that the only way he could get rid of his signature beard was if he was adequately compensated.

Arole also said he doubted if he could shave the beard even for love. He said, “For me to shave my beard, it would cost a lot. Since I am going back into the world of make-believe, I would be featured in several roles and one might include shaving off my beard. But the producer would have to pay me heavily to do that. If they pay me millions of pounds, then I would shave it off. I have been keeping this beard for over three years. I cannot even shave this beard for any woman I love. I cannot shave my beard for my wife. Even my mother plays with my beard. The beard is now a part of me that most of my fans recognise me through the beard.”

Speaking of joining the make-believe world, the online comedian told Saturday Beats that he was on the verge of producing his first feature film titled, The Call. He said, “My new movie, The Call, cost me about N20m. Even though we are still sourcing for funds, I was able to raise the money because my comedy career has been doing well. Aside from online comedy, I also do stand-up comedy and I anchor events, so I make money from all these various avenues.”

“I have been acting for a while before comedy came to fore. However, I became popular through comedy. If you check most of my skits, they look dramatic. I felt there is a message I needed to convey to people but the skits could not do the trick, so I decided to do a full-length movie. I wanted to do something that would make people leave their homes, go to the cinema, watch the movie and think about it” he said.

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