Head Teacher in Imo accused of diabolically diverting the destiny of family members, killed and burnt by irate youths

A serving head teacher identified as Mr. Cosmas Nwaiwu, has been reportedly killed by irate youths from Nneoche Umuoma Nzerem in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State.

Nwaiwu, 57, was said to have been killed on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 and until his death was the Head Teacher of Obolo Primary School, Ehime Mbano.

According to pressmen, it was gathered that Nwaiwu was murdered on the allegation that he was “diabolically diverting the destiny” of three members of his extended family. Another relation also reportedly accused him of being responsible for the death of her husband.

Following these accusations, the aggrieved youths of the area allegedly mobilised one another and besieged his house, murdered Nwaiwu and then burned his body.

A close family source was reported to have insinuated that Nwaiwu was killed as result of envy by his relations who felt he had made progress in life ahead of them.

“He was not diabolical at all. As a teacher who was nearing the retirement age, he managed to build a bungalow of four rooms. But his relations, who neither went to school nor learnt a trade, cooked up the story that he was the one bewitching them.”

The Police have currently arrested three suspects, including the President General of the community, Mr. Nnanna Okonkwo, in relation to the incident and thorough investigations are in progress.

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