Dayo Amusa Has Got Some Epic Response Skills

The Nigerian top actress shared some photos on her Instagram page and her followers called her fat and asked her to hit the gym to trim down. The actress has since replied those body shaming her. She mentioned that those calling her fat are only caught up in their own bitterness, frustration and depression.

See what she wrote on  her Instagram page below;

Did I hear someone body shame me? OH! That hurts you know 😏 but the let’s try this.
You are so less busy hating on another based on your own bitterness because only a self-hated, bittered, frustrated and depressed person will find pleasure in badmouthing a fellow all in the name of giving #ADVICE I guess what you are dealing with personally is SELF HATRED.
Start to learn how to love your imperfect life perfectly (Coz I am 100% sure you have an imperfect hole in your life. Even Jesus / Mohammed SWT had theirs )
Know that we are all beautiful and unique in our own different ways (Challenge me by showing me 100% identical twins and I will shed to size 6 😄) and finally I want you to Understand that I have risen as a woman #WomenArise long time ago and I’ve grown to trend confidently in respect of my imperfections. AM OUT #thetaobrand #millionshadesoftao #mylifenotyours #womenarise WAIT FOR MY NEXT POST”


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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish the couple happy married life

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s good kudos to gov Elrufai for taken such a bold step .And this bold step is going to favour our children in elementary schools

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes that is a very good response another way of telling them to mind their business


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