A child with a severely swollen head will have life-saving brain surgery after a good Samaritan has helped his poverty-stricken family.

Four-year-old Khyng Isaiah Maza had been bed-ridden since birth with a condition that causes his head to balloon in size.

He has hydrocephalus, which left untreated can cause permanent brain damage, blurred vision, difficulty walking, learning disabilities and can even be fatal.

The boy’s father had abandoned him and Khyng had seen a doctor but his mother could not pay for the medication and operation he desperately needed and his condition worsened.

But a kind-hearted woman noticed the boy by chance at his family home in Pangasinan, the Philippines, and started a fundraising appeal for Khyng to be treated.

Now Khyng is waiting to have fluid drained from his brain and his skull reconstructed.