“Acting doesn’t pay much and I am not ready for that kind of life”- Uti Nwachukwu

Uti Nwachukwu rarely makes appearances in movies in the recent time and he has a reason for this, according to him it no longer pays his bill and he can’t waste all his time earning so little.

He said, “I haven’t been in the country, but I am back now. I took a break from acting because it doesn’t pay much and I am not ready for that kind of life. I don’t want to pretend about it; so, I am only focusing on what brings greater remuneration, which is television presenting and hosting of events.

“Acting would just be a hobby because honestly, producers can’t afford to pay what I want to earn. But I will not stay away from movies totally; I will pick only exceptional movies instead of featuring in all the ones I am invited to partake in. I don’t have so much time for little money. I am not here to pretend all is well. I am in the industry to make money; I am not in the industry to play.”

He also dismissed a claim that he did not attend Yomi Casual’s wedding. According to him, he did show up at the ceremony but spent only a short period because he had other things to attend to.

Asked if he’s not bothered about the fact that his colleagues are getting married while he is still single, he said he is not in a rush to do same.“I will marry at the right time and marriage is not a competition. Once I find the right person, nothing will prevent me from getting married. I am an adult and my parents are educated. Therefore, they can’t force me to get married,” he added.

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